Penguin Football Club
Founded 1890
Ironcliffe Road (PO Box 173), Penguin TAS 7316
Phone: (03) 6437 2775  Fax: (03) 6437 2360

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2016 Coaches & Officials


Seniors: Peter Templeton
Senior Playing Assistant: Chris McDonald...
Senior Playing Assistant: Damon Smith
Reserves: Nick Rolls
Under 18's: Matthew Carrolan
Under 16's: Finbar Wray-McCann & Zach Mihocek
Under 14's: Scott de Groot
Under 12's: Ian Townsend


President: Craig Broomhall
Vice President: Brian Lane
Secretary: Toby Ray
Treasurer: Janine Naden


Gary Bloom, Kiannah Bourn, Colin Brown, Lyn Brown, Clinton Carpenter, Scott de Groot, Darren Emmerton, James King, Paul Murray, Toby Skene, Jason Smith, Brian Targett, Wendy Targett, Tracy Turnbull


Kiannah Bourn

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4 June 2016

Latrobe Vs Penguin
@ Latrobe


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Meals available after training Thursdays, all members and supporters welcome

04/06/16 Latrobe Vs Penguin
05/06/16 Wood cutting day
18/06/16 Penguin Vs Ulverstone
  After match function - Pyjama Party
25/06/16 CH Giants Vs Penguin
02/07/16 Penguin Vs East Devonport
09/07/16 Burnie Vs Penguin (split round, no game next week)
23/07/16 Penguin Vs Devonport

Last match Results - 28/05/16
Penguin 22.11-143 def
Devonport 9.6-60
For all other results go to the Sporting Pulse web site by clicking on the logo

2016 Major Sponsors



(Brian Targett Electrical)

Incitec Pivot Limited


Steve Ling Building
(if Steve builds your house he
will give the club $2000)

Penguin Storage Units

Rapid Supply


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